Architectural Design / Under Construction

A. H. PARKER HIGH SCHOOL, Birmingham City Schools

Birmingham, Alabama

Evan Terry Associates, LLC

The project is a new high school serving a student enrollment of 1,100 in an urban setting.  The project is under development on property adjacent to the existing Parker High School, which will be demolished upon occupancy of the new facility.  Demolition of the old school will provide an area for new parking areas and for athletic facilities.  The proposed building is compact and is organized around a courtyard, enhancing security and providing for day lighting of all classrooms.  The majority of the building's spaces are developed in a two‑story structure, thereby minimizing its footprint.

The total square footage for the project is 194,250 square feet and an estimated construction cost of $41,000,000.  The project is in the design development phase and construction is anticipated to begin the summer of 2009 with an opening schedule for 2011.

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