Architectural Design / Healthcare



Evan Terry Associates, LLC

While ushering in new and much needed medical services to north Jefferson County, the owners wanted the building to reflect the fresh, modern, up‑to‑date services that tenants in the new building would be providing. In addition, they wanted the building to be comfortable and welcoming.

To achieve this, both contemporary and traditional elements were incorporated.  Two unpainted, galvanized, industrial steel canopies supported by rows of masonry piers lead to the brick and stucco building. The red brick on the body of the building lends a warm, residential feel while the masonry base ties into the piers at the canopies. Splashes of yellow, green, and blue stucco enliven strategic corner locations. These corners are further highlighted by diagonally sloping parapets. A terra cotta colored stucco cylinder with punched openings rises from the roof of the east wing providing daylighting to an interior waiting area.


Gardendale Medical Clinic, LLC
Gardendale, Alabama