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W15 2009 AIA Convention ADA

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Avoiding the Most Common ADA Errors with Universal Design Solutions Beta Version 01 Sections 1-28

Introduction Beta 01

Circulation Errors 1-13 Beta 01

Parking and Curb Ramp Errors 14-28 Beta 01

Link to latest version of Avoiding Errors training                           

Reference Documents:


Current ADA Standards – 1994 Version

DOJ’s Current Title II Regulations for Public Entities

DOJ’s Current Title III Regulations for Private Entities                                   

DOJ’s Proposed ADA Standards (Based on the ADA/ABA Guidelines, aka “New ADAAG”) – 6/17/2008

DOJ’s Analysis of the Proposed Standards6/17/2008

DOJ’s Proposed Title II ADA Regulations for Public Entities– 6/17/2008

DOJ’s Proposed Title III ADA Regulations for Private Entities– 6/17/2008

Access Board’s Preamble to New ADAAG

ETA’s ADA Standards Comparison Chart Beta Version 01

Access Board’s ADA - New ADAAG - IBC/ICC/ANSI A117.1-2003 Comparison

ICC Request form for free download of ADA – New ADAAG – 2006 IBC/ICC/ANSI A117.1-2003 Comparison



DSA California’s Access Compliance Reference Manual - 4/16/2009

Link to latest Access Compliance Reference Manual on the web    

CASp Program Website

SB 1608 (The Bill)



GSA’s ABA Standards

DOT’s ADA & ABA Standards for Transit Facilities

DOD’s ABA Standards

USPS’s ABA Standards

HUD’s UFAS (Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards) for ABA


Selected Technical Assistance Materials:

Access Board Public Rights of Way Alterations Guide

Standards Applicability Flowcharts by Mark J. Mazz, AIA

Links to Additional Resources on Physical Accessibility under the ADA and Related Laws by Irene Bowen, JD


Plan Review Tools:

ADA & CA Plan Review Overlay Tools in .pdf & .dwg formats by Evan Terry Associates



Links to Access Board and DOJ Documents & Architectural Interest Websites       


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